Persistence is Key

Last night we decided to pull the plug on my short film and begin rewriting again. The budget was beginning to be very costly, nearly double the original set budget. I tried to come up with different alternatives to cut the cost, but the story lost it’s strength in all the new versions. It’s so disheartening to start again from square one, but there really was no other option that made sense than to go back to the drawing boards. 

So, after we made the gut wrenching decision, I wanted to wallow in my bed, eat my month old leftover pizza (no I’m not exaggerating – it has been a month) and watch House of Cards on Netflix. Basically, I wanted to die. Just die. Okay, maybe not die – die, but a stay in bed and not bathe for a week kinda die. The death of my short for what felt like the umpteenth time was beginning to feel like a melodramatic breakup. It was in the midst of my pity party that my friend texted me to go watch the movie Brooklyn. I had to contemplate it for a bit, because in that moment I just wanted to be a negative Nancy. My options from the evening was starting to look like food poisoning from my ACL pizza, drowning my sorrows in a bottle of tequila or going to the movie with my friend. 

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Cureology Hair Care Photoshoot in Marfa

A few months ago, when we sat down with the photographer, we didn’t think that shooting a campaign outside of Houston would be feasible. We thought the cost would be exorbitant anywhere that wasn’t home base. Not to mention coordinating things could be a nightmare – imagine having to pay for everyone’s transportation and stay? How could we even make sure they would show up?

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The Hair Care Industry: My Family’s Business

There is a stigma associated with working in a family business, and both coworkers and even friends and family perpetuate this stigma.  Some are well-meaning; they may ask if you ever wanted to do something different. And my answer is yes, I want to be an actress and filmmaker, and I am actually doing it on my own terms. Others will think you are downright undeserving and when they disagree with you on something, despite how nice you are, will hurl the word “nepotism” at you. 

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Toilet Problems and Other ACL Adventures

ACL, at least for the past two years is always a time when my place reverts to third world conditions.  After all, it’s a lot for 8-11 people to cram into a one bedroom apartment. Where you sleep is really how your status is designated.  If you sleep on the bed you are a king and queen, the couch an aristocrat, in a sleeping bag the middle class and on the wooden floor, a peasant.  Sorry brother, but you are a peasant.
Joking aside, to say I wasn’t annoyed at times would be a lie.  My toilet broke down with water splattering the wall every time we tried to fix it, people sometimes wouldn’t clean their mess and there wasn’t much sleep to be had which can only lead to more irritation.  “Beetch, I ain’t a hotel” was a thought I had a lot.  The introvert in me wanted some alone time away from the chaos, but there was no where to go. However, despite the craziness, it was good to hang out with friends I may not normally hang out with regularly.

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Shorty, Short, Short

It’s been about six months since my last post, and I’m going to be more consistent this time around! My short is finally moving forward.

My co-writer and I had written three shorts together, and we decided to shoot the third one. It will be under five minutes, and granted if it turns out well, the time length will increase our chances of getting into a film festival.

Its executed in a very artsy way. It’s about how couples in relationships treat each other based on the preconceptions they have formed in their lives – whether it was from insecurities, abuse/abandonment or life experiences. When I explain it to people they really get into it or they really don’t feel it.  Like my Dad, “But don’t you want to make a film about current events like some statement about Donald Trump or Syria or something? Something controversial.” I think some people need to see the finished product in front of them to be behind it.

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Why Heartbreak Is Good for You

Heartbreak is a universal human experience.  Some time ago I was nursing my own broken heart, and it felt like there was no end in sight for the pain; I was stuck in a black tunnel with no ray of lighting coming through but periodic shits dropping in the form of Snapchats or Facebook pictures on my newsfeed reminding me that the other person had moved on, and I hadn’t.  Add to it the fact that I lived in a new city with few friends – hardly any girlfriends and you can see that it was slowly enveloping me in a shroud of depression and darkness.


But slowly and surely and armed with 20/20 hindsight, I can say the heart break did me wonders – yes, in a good way.

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